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Your donations help us prevent Substance Abuse in Youth, while helping those currently suffering from addictions recover. 



Substance Abuse Affects Everyone...

Hi, I'm Tim.

Founder of SPEAK SOBER.

Speaker Tim White

I was addicted to alcohol for 3 decades of my life.

With that addiction came dropping out of school, divorce, not being able to pay my bills, in and out of prison, not being there for my kids, not feeling like a man, not living up to my full potential.

Until May 31, 2015... I finally said, "Enough!"

Until May 31, 2015... I finally said, "Enough!"

Speaker Tim White

Now... I fight not only for my own sobriety, but for the sobriety of others.

I've made it my life's mission to help prevent substance abuse in​​​​ youth and help those currently suffering from addictions recover.

Speaker Tim White reading to kids.

Today, Speak Sober is making a difference in Rehabilitation centers, public schools, live events and more...

Speak Sober provides speaking and programs to rehabilitation centers.
Speak Sober provides activities for public events.
Speak Sober provides free workshops and programs.

Every dollar donated goes toward helping Speak Sober make a difference in the lives of those affected by substance abuse and preventing others from becoming addicted.

Tim working on "Fight For Sobriety!"

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